Triple Creek is a 4 piece rock band from Columbus, Ohio. We play covers and originals, full band electric sets up to 4 hours or stripped down "unplugged" acoustic sets. formed in 2017, triple creek has played shows all over ohio and has released two original rock songs - torn down whole and what's your name. both are available on apple music, spotify, youtube, pandora, and all other major music outlets.

Vocals - Brannon has been singing in bands for more than 15 years. As a frontman for goiterjelly, brannon achieved regional success playing shows all over ohio and the surrounding states. he has been with triple creek since the beginning, and wrote torn down whole and what's your name.

Guitar - TC is the lead guitarist and writes riffs for original songs. he has played in the wayfarers, helpwanted, various acoustic bands, and now triple creek. TC plays Jackson, Ibanez and Breedlove guitars Influences: Joe Satriani, Metallica, and SRV.

Bass - Brian plays bass and performs serves as the band manager. he has played in help wanted and now triple creek, and runs rellinger studios. brian has also produced a number of instrumentals under the artist name fate seven six. brian plays an ibanez sr30 bass, with an ampeg amp and a tech 21 bass fly rig pedal. his influences are bobaflex, breaking benjamin, FFDP, and GNR.

Drums - nick plays in triple creek and has been a member of a number of other columbus area bands. nick joined triple creek in 2018.  NICK PLAYS PEAR DRUMS, ZILDJIAN CYMBALS, TAMA SNARES, AND USES TAMA HARDWARE.